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We’re worldwide providers of comprehensive administrative services and industry leaders in assistance product innovation.

We Are Assistance Specialists

We are World Travel Assist, a worldwide provider of end-to-end administration and leaders in travel assistance product and service innovation.

Our reputation lies within our administrative services, used by assistance providers worldwide. Designed for optimum scalability, performance, and efficiency, our management capabilities remain unmatched.

Accompanying our renowned administration expertise is our market leading assistance product and service portfolio, which harnesses our expertise and industry insight to sustain global consumer groups and provide immense value. Our assistance solutions are accompanied by our Global Provider Network, unbound by borders and offering some of the largest coverage for travelers in terms of scope and territory.

Our corporate divisions and commercial partners support our core ideals of growth through collaboration, effectively leading the industry in assistance service excellence. With their help, we reinforce our commitment to providing quality support and care worldwide.

In this together

We're a big team, with multiple departments across many offices around the world, designed to scale with the evolving demands of our clients and partners, as well as the expectations of end users. Our team is composed of highly trained, multilingual staff, that specializes in network management, traveler assistance, and operations administration. Through special partnerships and our Global Provider Network we're able to be where others aren't, expanding our boundaries to reach more organizations, networks, and travelers.

Our team

Gerardo Villafañe


Gerardo Villafane is World Travel Assist's Chief Executive Officer, responsible for worldwide sales and partnerships, including management of our partnership activities, quality of service, and business developments. With more than 39 years of tourism industry experience in business management, Gerardo has put forth his knowledge, creative mindset, and market insight to shape World Travel Assist into one of Latin America’s leading travel assistance companies.


María Fernanda Julian


Maria Fernanda Julian is World Travel Assist's Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operations Officer, responsible for overseeing accounting, financial planning, and analysis, as well as managing WTA's partnership efforts, provider network, and worldwide operations. With extensive experience in finance, customer service, process optimization and project leadership, Maria Fernanda has helped to position WTA as the solid and reliable company it is today, ensuring travel assistance that is efficient and pro-active.


Sabrina Morales


Sabrina Morales is World Travel Assist's Vice President of Operations, responsible for hands-on management of administrative services, operational logistics, team communications and coordination. Sabrina earned a Master's degree in human development for corporate growth; coupled with her experience in international business negotiations, Sabrina has helped turn WTA into an ideal place of business for our team members, clients, and partner, shaping WTA into the company everyone is proud to work for and work with.

Chosen by the best

At World Travel Assist, we have the privilege of working with a diverse group of companies, some world-renowned, others recent startups. Regardless, we form strong bonds with our clients, helping them solve problems, thrive in new markets, and increase their commercial reach. Through our collaboration, we treat our clients as we do our partners, placing their objectives as if they were our own, and building foundations that ensure lasting success.