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Centralize daily operations with our administrative services and provide greater value to consumers through our innovative assistance products.

A World Leader in Assistance Services

Our solutions portfolio is made up of administrative services and assistance products, designed to upgrade your service offerings and take your business to the next level. We also offer private label development solutions that combine both our products and services for those who require a comprehensive solution to incorporate traveler's assistance to existing service offerings or offer it as a standalone product.

Our administration services harness years of knowledge and expertise to effectively manage daily operations and completely sustain those resource-intensive components of your business practice.

Our assistance products take advantage of our Global Provider Network capabilities to achieve exhaustive coverage for your customers, so they can feel at ease under any circumstance. Combined with our Global Provider Network, our assistance products push the envelope and redefine what today’s consumers expect from a modern provider.

Better yet, our capabilities are flexible and scalable, making our solutions portfolio easy to implement, transition into, and maintain. Our approach is based around keeping things simple, saving you time and money.

By investing in new ideas and approaches, our solutions portfolio remains under constant improvement, so you can stay a step ahead of ever-evolving market demands.

Our Products

Travel Medical Assistance

Attend to your customer’s health and well-being, regardless of where they are. Our Global Provider Network includes thousands of care providers and health organizations. Combined with our personalized service expertise, your customers can expect nothing but quality care.
  • Urgent care
  • Medical evaluation
  • House call
  • Telemedicine
  • Second opinion
  • Follow-up

Travel Assistance

Anything can happen during a trip, from minor inconveniences to genuine emergencies. Fortunately, our Global Provider Network is always standing by, ready to provide quality support and care to your customers, regardless of time or location.
  • Funerary repatriation
  • Baggage tracking
  • On-call concierge
  • Trip disruption support
  • Emergency transportation

Personal Assistance

Lend your customers a hand when incidents or complications arise. We’ve developed our Personal Assistance coverage in conjunction with our Global Provider Network, which is designed to confront less common circumstances and provide individualized service.
  • Legal counseling
  • Technology support
  • Home assistance
  • Senior care
  • On-call concierge
  • Emergency transportation
Our Services

Private Label Development

We offer private label development solutions that combine both our products and services for those who require a comprehensive solution to incorporate traveler's assistance to existing service offerings or offer it as a standalone product. This is a fully customized, branded solution and covers your end-to-end requirements in offering traveler's assistance services.

Case Management

Our team is expertly trained in managing ample varieties of assistance scenarios, utilizing efficient workflows and dynamic coordination to track every step of a case, from incident occurrence to follow up. Our approach to case management ensures that all parties in an assistance scenario receive exemplary service.

Cost Containment

Through network negotiations, operational analyses, and auditing practices, we provide quality assistance at lower expenditures. Additionally, our Global Provider Network is designed around alternative support, mitigating costs for commonplace scenarios whilst providing effective case resolution.

Third Party Administration

Our administrative services can manage all or some aspects of your claims process and operations, allowing you to delegate more, reduce overhead, and diminish operational costs. In addition to more consistent, efficient, and accurate results, our clients improve their quality of service, achieving measurable gains in end user convenience and satisfaction.

Contact Center

We maintain three multilingual call centers designed to handle all of your user's inquiries, requests, and claims. Our call centers house dedicated assistance coordinators that provide assistance wherever your users may be. These are fluent in many languages, including Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, and German‍. Our assistance coordinators can directly manage our Global Provider Network and supervise all cases in real-time.

We also provide toll free numbers for many tourist locations around the world. Our commitment to user satisfaction menas that every case undergoes a follow-up to request feedback and confirm effective conflict resolution.

Who we're for

Whether your goal is to improve value, streamline operations, ensure compliance, or future-proof your business, our solutions portfolio can help. Also, working with us and implementing our services is quick and easy, so you can begin a path to meet your commercial objectives without interruption.

Many providers continue to rely on outdated, inefficient administrative systems, resulting in high costs and lost time, as well as legacy assistance products that are quickly overrun by competitors.

Our administrative services and assistance products directly address these common objectives and concerns, ensuring that your business stays a step ahead of demand and the competition.